How to make sure my service is cancelled?


Hi I ordered a new Verizon phone online on bestbuy.com. During purchase I chose to port my number and create a new verizon line and account.

I cancelled the order due to personal reasons. I was emailed the cancellation confirmation. It states "Your mobile device was successfully activated, and you may be charged for service. Call your carrier's customer service to cancel."

I still havent got my phone or sim card so I dont know how it is activated. Can someone help me find out if it activated or not?

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Re: How to make sure my service is cancelled?

Verizon Employee

I’m disappointed to hear that you changed your mind about becoming a member of the Verizon family, dineshre. We’re glad to help with your account concerns. I have sent a private message in order to further assist you. I look forward to your reply.


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