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How to complaint about customer service?

Is there an email address I can use to complaint about bad customer service?  Verizon seems to have denied that service for their customers.

I called on 09/14 to inquire if I qualified to make installments payments for a new iPhone s Plus.  I only have 8 gbytes on my current phone and it's just too low.  I specifically told the service rep that I was on a two year contract with them.  She told me no problem, and went through the process of setting up my new service.  She told me that since I was still under contract that I needed to send the current phone back to them and that they would send me an envelope to do so.  She was very nice and professional.  The only reason I was considering the installment plan was because the previous time I called to see bout getting more storage, it was suggested that maybe I should consider getting a new phone, and since I couldn't afford the phone outright, I should consider the installment plan. So I called on the 14th, got everything confirmed and was waiting for my phone.  On the 21st, I received an order cancellation notice, with no explanation.  I called on the 26th and was told that since I renewed my new phone upgrade only seven months ago, I was not eligible for the installment plan and had to have at least a year into my contract.  Why wasn't I told that on the 14th?  The service rep had the same info as the one I was talking to.  I'm mad because I told the rep the purpose of my call from the beginning....I was under a two year contract with them and wanted to know if I qualified for an installment payment for a new phone. Period.  That was my purpose for calling. I know complaining to a big company does no good but sometimes the consumer needs to be heard.  I have been a loyal customer to Verizon for the second rep told me.."I see you've been a loyal customer to Verizon for years."  Loyalty should mean something but it doesn't.  Verizon is unyielding and uncaring and I just want someone from the company to know they shouldn't treat customers like this. I will wait for my contract to end and then head straight to AT&T.  My home landline is with them and maybe they will appreciate my loyalty.  It's a shame.  It truly is.  It is also a shame that this is no direct email that a complaint can be filed.

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Re: How to complaint about customer service?
Customer Support

We truly value your loyalty and would never want you to cancel your service, koolsyl. We have submitted feedback for you regarding this situation. We always want to make sure we are giving accurate information and setting the correct expectations. We also want to make sure you have a good working phone. We can look further into the account to go over all upgrade options. I have sent you a Private Message. Please reply to that message.

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