How to activate device payment plan (clarification)?


I have the MORE Everything Plan - 15 GB. I am planning on upgrading a line to the Samsung Galaxy S7 on a line that previously didn't have the device payment plan discount. In my cart under Plan, it says Line Access Discount -$25.00 (although there's nothing about the discount under Devices in the cart). Will this "stick" so to speak. I don't have to activate dpp once I receive the device or pay an activation fee? It's an automated feature and will continue to apply every month without me having to do anything to activate it in the beginning?


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Re: How to activate device payment plan (clarification)?

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Upgrading is always an exciting time, I know I love getting a new phone. You will be able to receive the discount on the line access when you upgrade to a Device Payment. You will get this as long as you stay on your current plan and keep your Device Payment plan active. While there is not an activation fee for the new phone, there is a one time $20 upgrade fee that applied.

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