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How do I retrieve text messages I deleted?

I am in a dispute with a car rental company. They had send me a text about their representative giving us the "all Clear" when we returned the car.

Now they are saying there are damages to the car.

I want to retrieve the deleted messages I had with the car rental.

I did backup my phone when I came home probably to my computer.

So how do I find those deleted messages?

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Re: How do I retrieve text messages I deleted?

What is your phone model? Did you backup the messages to Verizon Messages+ application or Verizon Cloud?

Are the messages still on the phone?

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Re: How do I retrieve text messages I deleted?
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We want to make sure every attempt is made to find that message thread. The steps needed to restore will depend on the type of phone and the messaging application used. What type of phone and messaging app are you using? What steps did you take when backing up the information? 


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