How do I get my promo gift card from Verizon?


My family and I recently switched over to Verizon and there was a promo going on at the time for a $200 Mastercard giftcard for each line that was ported. We were originally told that the giftcards would just arrive but to give it 6-8 weeks. Well, there were a few other promos going on at the time which were messed up and I spent many weeks trying to get that sorted out. By the time 8 weeks came around, we thought to reach out and find out when we were going to receive them. Turns out, we had to send something in online and now we are past the 30 days and cannot receive the giftcards (part of the reason we switched in the first place). I spoke to customer service for more than half an hour just for them to tell me there is nothing they can do. So we were promised $800 in gift cards and will never see that money? Why is this not handled by Verizon directly and automatically sent out to customers?