How do I compare my data usage to previous months?


I used to be able to monitor the usage on my account across 6/9/12 months.  Since they've instituted this new "summary" billing I can't find any of this information - only how many minutes I have left until the end of the month (not helpful).  How do I find the usage data that is comparable across months?  Thanks for your responses (in advance)!

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Re: Where's the useage comparison data?

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Community Manager

We want you to be able to monitor and compare data usage at your convenience, vocpsych. I have 4 lines in my plan and I know how important it is to monitor all usage. Please login to your My Verizon account on your computer at this link to access our Data Utilization tool: vzw.com/DataUtilization

More ways to monitor your account’s activity can be found at this link: https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/tools-for-monitoring-usage/

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