How can I switch from a smartphone to a flip phone and tablet?


I would rather have a tablet than a smartphone. I am currently on the XL plan with two smartphones, a tablet, and a basic phone. I bought my own flip phone. If this is possible, which would be the cheapest method for me to go about getting the tablet? Should I purchase one outside of Verizon or purchase one with Verizon? I want to use my basic phone for calls and texts. The smartphone has not been paid off but I will be passing it on to another person on my plan whose phone is paid off.

I know this can be a bit of a loaded question. Thanks in advance!

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Re: How can I switch from a smartphone to a flip phone and tablet?

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Plan changes and phone changes are not difficult, camckoy. If you want to pass your device off to someone else in your plan, you may do so. You will still be charged the device payments for your device. As for putting a flip phone on your former smart phone line, that is your option. You just need to make sure that the flip phone that you purchased is compatible with our service. Here is how to check. http://vz.to/1rKfFGb

If you want a tablet, there is one consideration. If you want a tablet that is LTE capable, then you are best off purchasing a tablet from Verizon. If you plan to use your tablet on WiFi only, then you may certainly purchase any tablet, from anywhere, as it will not be on your account.

Where you may run into difficultly, is if you want to use the same line for a basic, flip phone and a tablet. It would be very cumbersome and time consuming to do that. You would have to activate each device, each time you used one or the other. Please let us know if you have any other questions. http://vz.to/1ExQF3c

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