Horrible customer service facility


Since I'm unable to actually get past the people manning the customer service number to speak to a supervisor, I'm stuck explaining my CS experience here.

Called about a bogus bill charge and ended up talking to a young woman. She kept putting me on hold and refused to provide me any help. I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told to wait on hold and she came back and said " my supervisor says the charges are valid and you don't need to speak with her. Can you make payment today?" (Bill isn't even due till the 18th)..I insisted and she said she would give me a line to call for another CS line that would be able to help me with these charges. She gave me the number and then I asked for her name and her managers name. She said "Margaret and Ann" she refused to give me any way to identify (asked for customer Id number etc)... I knew she was feeding me BS, and when I called the number she gave me it was an AT&T number.

1)Childish pranks from Verizon customer service personnel. She was actually laughing along with someone off the line as she gave me the fake number after putting me on hold to get it...

2) refusal of not one, but two reps to allow me to talk to a supervisor(2nd rep Paul was very helpful otherwise though)

3) refusal to acknowledge previous phone calls until I actually provided a timeline for them(even though Verizon logs all calls).

4) difficulty getting illegitimate charges removed from the bill(eventually they did, so I am not complaining to get any type of relief).

I used Verizon for about 4 years. I switched but would have gone back if the deal was reasonable. Now I can't imagine ever going back to a company that allows their customer service people to be so unprofessional and offers no way to get past them. Plus, how could I possibly ever use Verizon for my business after a fiasco like that? Like letting the kids run the candy shop... Honestly, never seen anything like it from a major corporation.

I am willing to provide my account if it will help locate and identify the rep that did this. She is seriously going to end up costing you guys a lot of business with that type of unprofessionalism....

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Re: Horrible customer service facility

Customer Support

Hello there! This is extremely disheartening to hear of your recent experience. We strive to provide world class experiences. Please share details as to how I can further assist you and bring your concerns to resolution.

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Re: Horrible customer service facility


There really isn't anything you can do for me, my issue I called about was eventually resolved.

The problem is that there is no accountability in the customer service phone center.

Consider this, the rep felt comfortable enough on what I assume is a recorded line to not only flat out tell me that she won't let me talk to a supervisor, but also to give me a fake number for one of your competitors. She was laughing about it with what I assume was another rep. Who the hell is running that office? The rep displayed zero concern that she would be overheard or caught, or really that even if I eventually got hold of a manager that anything would come of it.

Hopefully you all will be able to remedy this before you lose too much long term business. She will absolutely cost you more business...

Typically I switch every couple of year based on the available deals. I actually was with Verizon the longest and would have considered coming back in the future.

Personally, how could I now ever spend money with a company where I felt the customer service operators can screw with me or bully me with impunity?

Just saying..