Horrible customer service experience after calling to report fraudulent charges on my bill.

Unauthorized 3rd party added line I did not agree to - tried to cancel an hour later as soon as I got the email.

Customer service told me tough luck.  They won't even disconnect the fraudulent line! 

Buying an ATT phone off eBay now, will activate and transfer numbers.  I've been with Verizon since about 1995 - long before it was even called Verizon.

After 20 years I'm done with Verizon. I'm an easy, dependable customer with two lines and three kids so I'm a year away from adding three more lines.  I've never missed a payment and call customer service maybe once every two years.  Verizon won't see any future business from me.  This cust service call and the last one (two years ago) were the most callous and unconcerned experiences I've ever had with customer services.  Told me "their system" won't allow them to remove fraudulent charges (how convenient!)

Discontinued auto bill pay that has been on autopilot for probably a decade and won't be paying final bill unless all charges are reversed and I am compensated for the runaround. 

Don't threaten me with my credit score - it's solid and can take a hit. I never borrow money anyway. 

Service rep was 191064.

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