Home Fusion disappearing data


Where o where does my little data go????

I've noticed that at least once per month my home fusion blows through a large chunk of data (>3GB) at odd times at night when we are not online.  In a normal day we go through about 1GB per day. 

I recently started turning off the home wireless router near the end of the month to avoid going over our 30GB.  In the meantime we use phones for hot-spots to stay on line.  This month, on the first billing day of the month I turned the our wi-fi back on and that night 9 GB vanished.  That's nearly 1/3 of our monthly usage gone when no one was even on line. I am concerned that the fusion device itself is downloading firmware or some other data at my expense.  how can I find out what used up this huge amount of data?

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Re: Home Fusion disappearing data

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Kimed6 - Having access to you Home Fusion data usage is a must. You can log into your My Verizon account and view the usage with the Data utilization tool.  Check it out. vz.to/1NjLmJT
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