Help verizon prepaid galaxy S3 stuck on roaming


Hello , first time Verizon user got a new S3 saturday activated it on a prepaid plan unlimited talk text 500mb data , ive had the phone a few days now and love it ! It gets SUPER GOOD signal where other phones ive had got nothing ! Anyway here is my problem it stays in DATA VOICE ROAMING LOCK you can see you have 3G and 3 or 4 bars of signal but has a triangle and roaming notification which makes the phone useless it will send and recieve text fine but you cant make a call or use a webpage or email , after hours and hours of online with Verizon and a lot of google it appears that they locked these phones in roaming on purpose and if you get a phone on a contract it will be unlocked which is correct because I have a verizon tablet from work and it works perfect , my question is can ANYBODY tell me a way to unlock this phone off roaming ? Id pay verizon a fee ? Or ? They said on tech support they will unlock it on a post paid plan after ive had it 6 months ? Happy to get any help thanks

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