Getting a supervisor or manager to reach out to me


I have been given the run around and i have been on so many calls and chats, and they refuse to let me speak with someone higher up. Basically i added my husband on my plan after being quoted a price including taxes, and this was noted. I then find out even though this was noted, it was a misquote and there is nothing they can do unless i want to call in every single month to see if they would honor a credit. I have been with verizon for over 10 years and I am basically given the oh well attitude. I cant keep calling in and waiting on hold over and over again.

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Re: Getting a supervisor or manager to reach out to me

Community Manager
Community Manager

Ambiemarie, this is truly never the type of experience we want you to have. Your long time loyalty means everything to us and we want nothing more than to make sure we get this matter resolved for you. As a consumer I understand the importance of making sure I receive accurate information from my carrier. I have sent you a private message. Please respond to that message. Thank you.




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