For the past few months I am over my data usage.


There is no rhyme nor reason as to why I have been over on data usage. The only thing that has changed is that I got a replacement iphone 7 plus. I paid the $15 to get the 1 extra gig, but this month is crazy. NOTHING has changed. We even had our wifi provider out to check on our modem to see if it was dropping signal. NO it wasn't. SO what is Verizon trying to do? Does anyone have any ideas? There is no way I can do this.

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Re: For the past few months I am over my data usage.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Data overage is important for us to manage. We want the best service for our customers and usage to be used properly. Has there been any recent changes on your phone previously? Are you connected to WiFi and data at the same time?


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