Financial Office


A lady from Verizon Headquarters in executive relations called me earlier in response to an FCC Complaint. I was just about to go from an informal complaint to paying the filing fee, hiring an attorney, all the things everyone on both sides would like to resolve. A couple of points of contention was Apple Music, a few hundred dollars disagreement over items on the bill that our company never received etc. She was supposed to get back to me again after we spoke earlier. Now it's 8:00 and I haven't heard from her. It's a big discrepancy from where she was and where I was at 2:00. My lawyer told me not to pay anything until we had reached a mutually agreeable amount. She never called back. I don't want our services suspended, but she and I haven't reached an agreement yet. I waited ALL afternoon and evening for her to call back. Can you help here? Thanks