Filing A Complaint

A week ago (08/15/19), my iPhone 7 stopped working and wouldn’t even switch on. I went to the Verizon store, where an agent told me that I either could try to get it fixed at an authorized apple store OR pay off my device ( I only had $216 left to pay off) and purchase a new device. I decided to first go to the apple store and try to get it fixed, but no such luck. So, I decided to pay off my phone and purchase a new phone (Google Pixel 3a). I did this online, and the agent who worked with me on this sent me a confirmation as well, letting me know that the order has been completed. I was told that I couldn’t pick it up in store and would have to opt for the 2 day shipping and would receive my phone on Tuesday, the 20th. This wasn’t ideal, but I agreed. I had provided the agent with all the necessary information, including my CURRENT address. However, when I checked on my order on Monday, I learned that it was being delivered to a previous address of mine. This really annoyed me, because I provided the right address to the agent when I ordered the phone. I called a customer service agent and asked if they could change the address, which they did. On Tuesday, my order didn’t arrive. I called a customer service rep once again, and they asked me if I had changed my address, to which I said yes. They told me that that could perhaps be the reason for the delay. Then, they told me that actually, the payment wasn’t even processed. Now this really annoyed me. If the payment hadn’t gone through, shouldn’t I have been informed of this?? How was I supposed to know if the payment had gone through or not? Anyway, I used another card to finish the payment, after which my new phone was shipped. I was told that it would be shipped to my current address, which I had changed it to, and that it would arrive on Thursday, 08/22/19, which is today. I received a notification from fedex today saying that it was delivered to my previous address and it was (obviously) refused. I called up Verizon, and spoke to yet another customer rep who assured me that he spoke with fedex and told me that it would be delivered again today. I waited for another 2 hours for the phone to arrive, but no such luck. I then spoke to another customer rep, who told me that my order was CANCELED. I was extremely confused, especially since I was told just some time back that my phone would be arriving today. But she told me that no, the phone wasn’t arriving today and that the order was canceled. She told me that I could pick that same phone up at a Verizon store and I would be refunded for the online order. I was frustrated, but I was ready to go over to get my phone. I went over to the store, and I was told that my previous phone (the iPhone 7) had not been paid off and I had to pay $399 to upgrade. I knew that this wasn’t the case, because I only had $216 left on the device payment for my iPhone 7, and it reflected that on my end. I had made that payment. There was no way that I had $399 left. (It hadn’t struck me then, but I realized later that $399 was the retail price of the Google Pixel 3a.) The agent at the store told me that there was nothing he could do to help me out, as on his end it didn’t reflect that the order was canceled, even though I was told by customer service just some time back that it was. He told me that since I made the order online, he wouldn’t be able to help me out with that, which made absolutely no sense to me, but whatever. He told me to call customer service once again, and I called yet again. The customer service rep told me that on her end, it showed that the order was canceled. I insisted that she check and let me know why it didn’t reflect that when the agent in the store checked it. She checked, and told me that apparently I wouldn’t be able to go in store to pick up the phone until the phone would be returned. I asked her to check with fedex to make sure if there was something that could be done, since I need a phone by tomorrow. She checked with fedex and told me that they would be making the delivery once again tomorrow. While that does sound promising, my experience this past week with Verizon, has been less than satisfactory and I have been lied to about the changes/updates with the order and have not received any proper answer. I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with the level of inadequacy. I hope some action is taken. 

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