File A complaint in writing


I am inquiring about the process to file a claim in writing. I have four phones on my account. My parents use two of the lines and barely use any internet. I called customer service to inquire about plans to prevent data overage charges. I was informed that the only option would be to have unlimited plans on each account. Please note that my parents use less than one gig combined each cycle. i have never had an issue with my service and have been in good standing for the four years that I hae been with verizon. i opted to change to the unlimited plan that now meant that I was paying for services that I was not going to use. I also have a higher bill and forfeited my employee discount all to remain loyal to verizon. I checked my bill and saw that my bill was over 3500 for one cycle. I called customer service to inquire and learned that I no longer had an international package. I was bill 1.99 per minute to call and did not realize that I no longer had an international package. I asked for options to pay but was not geven many. I did not want to lose my good standing as a customer but i can not afford to pay the 500 payment every two weeks. I am now in jeopardy of losing my service because I cannot afford my regular monthy bill and the required payments every 3 weeks. I am at a lost as to what to do. Initially, i was told that the accoung had to go into arrears before a payment plan could be setup. Today, the story was different and the payment lan was setup but i still am not able to afford 300 every 3 weeks. Any assistance would be appreciated. 


Re: File A complaint in writing

Customer Support

We appreciate you taking the time to reach out and want to find a viable solution to the rather enormous billing statement, Lrichards83. Concerning the payment plan, the best course of action will be working with our Financial Service Team directly who can be reached by calling 1-866-266-1445. Concerning the usage moving forward, I can understand the need to not have an Unlimited Plan for your parents lines but want to learn more about your usage. Do you make international calls regularly and if so, where to? On average how much data do you use and what do you primarily use it for? I look forward to hearing back so we can help find a solution that works.