Feeling Ripped Off!!


I placed an order for the new Apple Watch. It was on backorder so I was really psyched when I got an email with tracking info. An envelope  showed up today with a receipt, info on how to pair my new Watch...but no Watch!! it was a flat mailer that wouldn't even fit a device. I called the post office who told me that it was a one item shipment and it weighed 4 oz when they received it. So, I figured the Watch must be shipping separately. I called Verizon. I explained the situation and the rep called the post office. He told me the device must still be on the carriers truck. Well, I called the post office myself and they said it was just the envelope. I called Verizon back and they told me they have to open an investigation that can take up to two weeks. Then at that point I'll be put to the back of the line like a new order and wait again on the backordered list.

How do they send an empty envelope to begin with? They even charged my credit card for the tax.

Why is their problem now my problem? I have six lines of service. I've been a customer for years. They should have sent me a new device and then figured out what happened on their end. Nope. I have to wait while they investigate their mistake? Yeah....ATT here I come   Buyer beware!

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