Extremely displeased with service from Verizon!


This is really a last ditch attempt to fix an issue I've been having with Verizon for several months now.  My wife and I recently upgraded our phones through the Edge program.  We promptly returned our old phones as requested by Verizon.   My wife and I, with her 7.5 months pregnant w/ a broken ankle, two dogs and a cat moved 2500 miles across country.  In route and for the next three months I've received messages from Verizon via email that stated Verizon never received our old phones and that we'd see the charge for the remaining balance on those phones attached to our accounts.  I must have gotten 3, maybe 4 messages stating so.  Each time I did I called into customer service to discuss, and was told the same thing each time.  "I'm so sorry this has happened.  After further review we see that you did return each of those phones.  We have been experiencing issues with the Edge return program and hope to have this resolved soon.  You will not see any added charges to your account."  Well...eventually we did see a charge to the account for over $500.  Not only that, but a discount of approximately $25 was not applied to the account due of our participation in the Edge program.  This should have happened over a year ago too!  I had to call Verizon, yet again to complain.  This was about 2-3 weeks ago.  It was at this time that the representative I was speaking with promised me this would not happen again and applied the discount that should have been done over a year ago when we signed up for the Edge program, as well as credited our account for the mistake of charging us for phones Verizon told us they'd never received. 

I told the representative that Verizon needed to offer my wife and I some sort of retribution for the stress this caused us at a time when we NEEDED to be able to depend on our service from Verizon.  Moving across the country into a new, unfamiliar place with a pregnant wife who delivered a baby 1.5 months after arriving and dealing with issue after issue with Verizon was NOT why I pay your company good money.  The rep that I was speaking with said he'd talk to his management to see what sort of promotional offer he could get for us, in the hopes that it would help ease the burden Verizon had caused us.  He said he'd call me in 2 days.  Which he did and offered us a $40 discount on our next bill.  I told him that this was unacceptable and was basically a "spit in the face" after the stress they'd caused myself and my pregnant wife.  I mentioned that we get VERY poor cell service at our house, but seem to get good service just up the road about 100' or less.  He said it could be due to old wiring or the substance the walls are made out of or any number of things.  I suggested that he give us a network extender for free and that THIS would absolutely resolve the issue of the stress Verizon caused us for the Edge return issue.  He mentioned that he couldn't do so until a tech team had done a full investigation on our house here and the service in our area.  He connected me with another department whom I spoke with and was told I'd be contacted in a couple days to complete the investigation.  This never happened and now I can't get a hold of the same representative.  After calling a couple times to resolve this ENTIRE issue I've been having I've been lied to time and time again.  The representatives tell me that they will investigate the issue and call me back with in a couple of days.  THIS NEVER HAPPENS.  VERIZON IS HORRIBLE ON FOLLOWING THROUGH ON THEIR PROMISES!  I AM REFUSING TO PAY THIS MONTHS BILL UNTIL THIS ISSUE IS RESOLVED.  I have been a Verizon Wireless Member for several years and expect to receive good service for I have paid this company a TON of money. 


Upset Verizon Wireless Customer

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