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Expired Rebate 11-23-20


joined Verizon on Aug 20 ,

during a chat with Verizon i was told i will get 4 gift cards over the mail




= $900$

after ~ 3 weeks i called Verizon and was told that it was sent and should come any day now , 

long story short,

last Friday Verizon promised me over the phone that in 48H i will get the $900 into my account ,

72H after i am still over the phone with them and.... now they are claiming it had been expired,

Dear Verizon - why should give up on $900 ???


Re: Expired Rebate 11-23-20

Customer Support


It's great to hear that you had so many rebates with your account. When you had claimed these at!/ , the submission ID that was provided will let you know the status of them at any time, including how they were sent to you - normally these would be sent via email, not deposited into your Verizon account. Have you been able to check your status on those rebates yet? If so, what did they show?