Email me at this time of day


I just an email to inform me that my bill is on line to view at12:30 am.  I don't even want to be emailed at this time in the morning about my bill again. I don't care if it's an automated system or not. Don't do it again

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Re: Email me at this time of day


You're going to be emailed at whatever time the system does it. You might be able to turn off emails from Verizon in My Verizon if it's that big of a deal for you. Or if it's an issue of your phone alerting you and you don't want to have that happen after a certain time you may be able to utilize a Do Not Disturb feature if your phone has it. Then you can stop all but essential alerts (such as phone numbers that are in your favorites if you have an iPhone) from sounding while Do Not Disturb is on.