Edged Up, Returned phone, Verizon Charges me for phone?!?!?!?


I edged up in November 2014. I had a Samsung Galaxy s5 and edged up to a Note 4. I paid $200 down and returned my phone. The Verizon store closest to me did not have the phone in white and the salesperson told me to try Best Buy. So I did and purchased my phone and returned my old one. Months later I see they are charging me a great deal more than what I am suppose to pay for. I called and they told me they did not receive my phone.

So after being on hold back and forth I spoke with someone who said she has found my phone and the money they are charging me for will be taken off. So silly me, I thought I could trust a company as big as Verizon and it's representatives so I did not write down a date or number. The following month in April 2015, I received txt messages about my phone going to be turned off. I called back April 13th 2015 and spoke with a supervisor Carrington. I was on the phone with him for 2 hours to end up him saying the EXACT SAME THING as the lady before. My phone was found in the warehouse and that the charge would be taken off my account the next billing cycle and that I just need to pay the difference amount, which I did. SIKE. Later that month I continue to receive texts saying my phone will be turned off. I called AGAIN.

This time I spoke with Jackie with Financial Services who told me she placed a 45 day hold on my account. And that Verzion cannot turn off my phone. Again SIKE. Beginning of May I receive text messages about my account will be turned off so I call Verizon AGAIN and speak to Rico. He again informs me the hold is still active and to ignore the text messages and that they want me to pay the difference WHICH I BEEN DOING SINCE NOVEMBER 2014!!!

So I pay the difference AGAIN.  Wake up May 19th to my phone being turned off.

I have been calling constantly since November 2014. Speaking to a legion of representatives. 3 Different representatives including a supervisor said they have located my phone in the warehouse and now im being told they can't track the phone they could track a month ago. So now Verizon wants me to pay $328 for a phone I DO NOT have and that all of a sudden they cant find when they could in the past. On top of that NONE of the representatives who said they could find the phone typed it into my account so when other representatives check they say they do not see anything on my account saying my phone was found.

Too many people are going through this issue on here for Verizon to not inform their representatives to type important info. into people s account so I wont have to hve my phone turned off every month due to VERIZON MISTAKES!!!


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