Edge program and IMEI number doesn't match whats on file... Problems upgrading


I am on the edge program and was able to upgrade after twelve months. I am way past that. About a month ago I looked into getting a new phone and was told the imei number or whatever number they use to identify didn't match with what was on original agreement. That is true. i have had an insurance claim so it is a different device.

This gets even more tricky because my current phone is at the bottom of a lake after a fishing incident and I just filed another insurance claim. My wife had a problem with this same thing (IMEI Number) a while back and it was one of the worst experiences I ever had dealing with a company's customer service.

Once I get this new phone from the insurance I am planning on going to a Verizon store and upgrading either through the edge program or with a two year contract. This new phone's identification number is obviously going to be different than what verizon has on file so what do I need to do to upgrade without a bunch of headaches at the store?

I am hoping this is less of a hassle than upgrading my wife's phone.

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