Edge Plan Conversion


I recently upgraded my phone on the Edge plan and now I am not receiving a bill and my online login states that my account has been disconnected.  While the idea of having a bill is quite enticing, I am concerned that my account has been disconnected and my service will end at the end of the next billing cycle. I have called repeatedly on this issue has gotten the same answer that there is nothing wrong with my account.  Please verify what is going with my account.

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Re: Edge Plan Conversion

Customer Support


Congratulations on your new purchase via Edge and I hope that you are enjoying your device. Let's figure out what is going on with your account so that we can get you back on track with managing your account. By chance did you sign up for paperless billing or to have the bills sent to your email address? Can you try to register again to see if it lets you create a new log in?

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