Don't get stuck with Verizon Home Fusion


Just because I live in a rural area, I am forced to pay per GB of internet usage.  Most residential customers pay a set internet fee regardless of the amount they use.  Imagine trying to take online courses, watching webinars regarding health issues you are having with a loved one, videos to assist in rehab, or any number of things.  Antivirus updates are always coming out, as well as malware, spyware, explorer, java, adobe, etc.  This is eating away at the GB we pay for.  And if just 2 computers keeping up with updates isn't enough, imagine something going wrong with a computer and having to do a system restore including downloading all the updates again.  At least my last satellite provider offered a few hours each day of unlimited use.  This was great!!  The computer could be programmed to check for and download updates during this time.  Not so with Verizon.  

Considering a change!

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