Does Verizon have Customer Service?

I have worked in customer service for over 30 years and every person I have dealt with at Verizon should not be working in customer service. 

I wonder if management feels it is cheaper to pay advertizing to get new customers more cost effective than retaining customers, like myself, that have be a customer for over 15 years. 

With the customer support I have received from Verizon over the last two months  they have proved to me that long standing customers are not a value to them.

-A family member on my plan, but not authorized on my account, went into a Verizon store and wanted to add an additional device on my account. 

-The salesperson then proceeded to add the new device to my account and at the same time change my phone plan.  The result - that my 3G phone stopped working. A call into support -  I was told my phone was older and it was just a coincidence my phone died at the exact same time the account was changed.

-Equipment had been purchased and was returned the same day and I was told the account would be switched back to my original plan.  

-Verizon was unable to restore my phone to the 3G network.  I realize the 3G network is going away soon but it is still available in my area  and they were not allowed to re-activate my 3G phone.

-I had the option to get a $144 flip phone + $35 or $40 activation fee - or puchase a  smart phone or an android phone but that would require switching plans  and the cost of $200 phone as well as the increase between the old and new plans. 

-I had to go out and purchase a phone through a different carrier  - cost of phone, a month worth of unlimited everything $80 with no contract.

-After transferring my number to the new phone I called Verizon to cancel my number through my plan.  

-To this point it had required 3 trips to Verizon stores, 3 calls to tech support and call to customer service to remove the phone from the plan.

-After a few days I checked my account - no credit for the returned items, plan had not been changed back to the original plan - another call.

-Few days later, check the account - credit had been issued forthe returned items,  plan had been changed back but the remainging three phones on my account were setup incorrectly.  One phone had text messaging, the other 2 did not but they had texting being charged to the two phones that should not have them and no text on the phone that should have it  and my phone had not been cancelled - another call.

-Several days later - my phone number still had not been cancelled - when I called (yet again), support person said they would have it removed and it would be prorated in the next billing cycle.........But they caused my phone to stop working before the new billing cycle took effect.  Also the texting was corrected on one of the phones but not the other two. - another call.

- Texting was resolved and credit was issued on my phone.  

-I logged in to add my new phone number to my friends and family list - my list had been deleted when the original sales person changed the account.  No problem will add them all back in - as I tried to enter friends and family to the list I kept getting a validation error.  - another call.

-Technical support to could not help, said to wait 24 hours and try again.  Customer support person said he would contact me the next day to see if the issue had been resolved.  It did not work the next day but I was able to find a work around by logging out and back in after each entry before they would register and of course no call back from the customer support person as they promised.

I have spent approximately 10 hours on the phone and in stores trying to resolve this issue that Verizon caused. 

My current rate of pay for my 10 hours of work would equal approximately 2 1/2 months billing that Verizon currently charges.   

Customer service agents all said they would send my grievences to management.  I am posting as a curiosity to see if any management cares enough about their customers to contact me regarding their major lack of incompetence, not to mention the time and money I was required to spend for an issue that was their fault.  I probably have higher odds of winning the lottery, which is unfortunate