Disappointed and Disrespected


I called to inquire about charges on my account because I received two text messages with two different amounts that were to be pulled from my bank acocunt. I called and spoke with customer service representative Aubrey, I explained to Ms. Aubrey what my issue was and she said she could help, she told me that she saw what happened I arranged two separate amounts to be pulled from my account today. I told her that I had not as I was in the app two days prior and paid my bill, I did not set up the arrangements and would like to cancel the payments and have a refund because I did not not authorize the payment. She informed me again I had, I told I hadn't. I remained calm because I refused to go back and forth with someone with what I didn't do. I told her that I had just paid on my bill why would I arrange two separate payments for more than $200 plus dollars two days later. She told me I got an email and to go to the date. At this point I am angry because the lack of customer service, the lack of understanding, or inferring i was lying was boiling my blood. I asked to speak to a supervisor this young lady proceeded to get snappy and loud with me. I am in no space to tolerate the disrespect I informed her of such and she continued to talk at me. I waited and she followed up  with telling me she could not find a supervisor due to high call volume and that they would call me back. However I work in customer service and there is always a supervisor available but the worker tends to not go get thm based on reprimand on them. The issue is not resolved.


Re: Disappointed and Disrespected

Customer Support

We are disheartened to hear that you had less than stellar experience with us. We are here to support you. Please send us a Private Message or follow/DM us on Twitter @VZWSupport, so we can assist you further. -BrittanyC_VZW