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I've been a loyal Verizon Wireless customer for the last 13 plus years. This past holiday season, I was looking to upgrade my phone. However, anytime I would inquire about upgrading my phone - the promotions would only be valid for new customers or activating another line. The only "promotion" for existing customers, if you want to call it a "promotion" was $100.00 trade in for a new phone.  When the new phones are upwards of $900.00 plus dollars, a $100.00 trade value isn't really an incentive.   Am I the only one who doesn't feel a $100.00 trade in to sign for another 2 years is incentive? Where is the Verizon's appreciation of its loyal customers?

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Re: Disappointed Existing Customer

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You are a valued customer and we appreciate your loyalty and tenure, Anandez. I am a consumer too, and I sincerely understand your concerns with the requirements of some promotions. I can help to clarify our promotion options for you. I understand that you are interested in specific devices and the promotions for those phones require a new line of service. Please note that our promotions change constantly and not all promotions require a new line of service. You can stay on top of our holiday promotions changes if you visit this link (https://www.verizonwireless.com/holiday/deals/) often.

I want you to feel valued and I would like to share some information that goes way beyond the $100 promotion mentioned in your post. Aside from making every effort to bring promotions for new phones we also make sure that our valued customers (like you) enjoy the best USA wireless network by investing more money in our network than any other carrier in the country. We are committed to showing our valued customers our appreciation every single day by making sure that our wireless service is the best available (https://www.verizonwireless.com/featured/better-matters/).

You also have the option to check for promotion offered by third-party authorized retail stores (Best Buy, Walmart, etc.) as the also have some deals directly from phone manufacturers.


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Re: Disappointed Existing Customer

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I'm not sure what you mean by "another 2 years" Verizon did away with contracts in Jan 2017. Also what does loyalty mean because I'm not sure you are aware of what that means when you say it.