Did not get promotion promised!


My mother and I went to the Verizon Wireless store in Nashua, New Hampshire on Sunday, December 9, 2018 to each purchase a new cell phone. We each had our own accounts with Verizon Wireless.

We each chose to purchase the iPhone XR.  As part of the purchase of my new phone, I was able to trade in my iPhone 6 Plus and received $125 off the cost of my phone. My mom’s phone was too old to trade in.

I checked out first and paid in full four the phone. Then my mom checked out and she was also going to pay in full for her phone. The clerk all of a sudden told us that we could take advantage of a new offer, it was a buy one get one free deal. If my mom went onto my phone plan and CHANGED her phone number we could get my mother’s phone for free. He explained that the way this deal worked was he would add my mother to my account with a new number.

He also said that my mom could not pay for her phone in full instead we would be put on an installment plan. My bill would show the installment plan payment and then I would get a credit for that payment and so this way the phone would be free This would stretch the payments out over 2 years. He told us that this was the way the deal worked because in the past people would get the free phone and then switch to another wireless carrier. He told my mom to call on Monday to cancel her account but not to say why she was cancelling but simply to close her account.  

The clerk then ended the sale by telling me that it would take a few billing cycles to get the deal to kick in but that I would eventually be credited back all of the installment payments that I had made on my mother’s new phone.

My mother closed her account and we spent time informing everyone of her new cell number. My first few bills that came through showed that my mother’s phone was indeed on the installment plan. I waited until my March bill came and when it still did not show the credit for my mother’s installment payment, I called Verizon Wireless customer service to find out why.

When I asked why I was not on the buy one get one free plan, the customer service representative researched and came back to tell me that we were not eligible for that deal because that deal did not begin until December 13th. I said that was not what the clerk told us in the store. I said we have gone through switching my mother to my account and informing everyone of her new telephone number so would it be possible to somehow still include us in on the buy one get one free deal as the clerk in the store told us we could receive. She put me on a very long hold and came back to tell me that I was still not eligible for the buy one get one free program but I should have received an additional $175 for the trade in of my old phone (a total of $300). I said why did I not receive the full trade in value of my phone at the time of purchase. The representative stated that she was not sure but that she could give me the $175 now. I said fine.  When I asked about the buy one get one free again, I was told that it is my responsibility as the customer to know all the deals that Verizon Wireless is offering at that time. Therefore, it is my responsibility to know that the buy one get one free deal did not kick in until December 13th.


Has this happened to anyone else?  If so, how did they resolve it?