Device Payment Plan and Upgrades


I cannot seem to find a definitive answer about this anywhere. What exactly does it mean to "upgrade" with a device payment plan. Once you pay it in full, do you then get a new, free or discounted phone? Or are you just now allowed to purchase another new phone on another payment plan? Traditionally, upgrades mean that you get either a free phone (usually the less flashy ones), or you can pay a discounted rate to get a fancy one. All of this, of course, due to contracts. But with a device payment plan (no contracts), what really is an upgrade? Thanks!!!

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Re: Device Payment Plan and Upgrades


It simply means you upgrade,i.e get a newer device. No it is not free, nor discounted. You can start over with a device payment plan or you can buy it outright. With buying it outright you can buy as many phones as you wish. With the DPP you have 24 months to pay it off, although you can pay it off sooner if you wish. All carriers have moved away from the 1 and 2 year contract model.