Deceptive and Predatory Sales Practices


My family and I were with ATT for over 17 years.  Last month we were at a local mall in our hometown where we stopped by a Verizon Kiosk just to check what all there buyout and buy on get one free plan.  I would have to say that we feel that we were taken advantage of by Verizon and plan to file a complaint in small claims court for deceptive and predatory sales practices on Verizon's part.  The salesmen at the kiosk convinced us that if we ported all 4 or our lines over to Verizon we would be saving about 100.00 a month.  Well with ATT we were paying 263.00 a month for four lines.  The salesmen was a very smooth talker to say the least.  He assured us that our monthly bill would be 175.00 or less per month.  He came up with this amount buy using a lot of smoke and mirrors.  He advised that the phone plan itself would be 100.00 on the Verizon XXL data plan and that the phones would be 33.00 each however 2 of the phones would be paid off through Verizon gift cards.  What he "failed" to mention is the fact that there is a 20.00 per line access fee that's added into the bill each month to access that XXL data plan.  I feel like I just made a deal with the devil and Verizon's log colors are appropriate in that respect.

Now we are stuck with Verizon, lost our ATT rollover data which gave us about 50gbs of data to use each month.  I will be filing a complaint against Verizon for deceptive and predatory sales practices.  I would imagine if you are with another carrier you won't have access to this post but if you do have access to this post pass it on to anyone you know who is planning to switch.  We are now stuck with the devil...sorry "Verizon" at $339.00 a month for four lines.  If you thinking about switching or know of someone planning to switch please tell them not to listen to the salesmen and do there own research and read the fine print.  At the end of the day ATT was clearly the better choice.

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