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Data usage sky high

My data bill is  over $100 for this month! Could this be due to updating my iPhone 6 with the new operating system update? Also I have a streaming device for my hearing aides that is wireless to my phone.  Does that use data? I thought Bluetooth did not use extra data.

  I talk to someone on  chat and they said I could sign up on mobile device for a promotion for three months of extra data but cannot figure out how to do that. I mostly want to find out why I used seven extra gigabytes of data this last month on our fusion box so I can correct that for this month

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Re: Data usage sky high
Sr. Member

yeah sometimes those updates use data. under cellular you can see the usage . no Bluetooth doesn't use data. download the go90 app for 2 Gb data

Re: Data usage sky high
Customer Support

J1952, , I would very concerned about my data overage charges and wanting to know what is driving the increase. I know most streaming applications and features will drive data usage up. However, the use of a Bluetooth does not use data. I wanted to ask you for a bit more clarification. You mentioned you are using a fusion box? Are we talking about cellular wireless service or FIOS internet service?
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