Customer Service feedback


I wish you guys just had a feedback form/email I could send in, but I guess this'll do.

My Droid Maxx recently decided it was going to keep rebooting every 20 seconds forever. I hadn't recently installed any apps, hadn't dropped it, and couldn't figure out anything that could be causing the issue. I took it to the Verizon store (Smithridge one) in Reno, NV, where after waiting ~35 minutes I was told that I should just file an insurance claim because the person I spoke with couldn't get it to boot in safe mode and didn't know what else to try. That was a bit frustrating, but I decided to follow her advice.

I tried to file a claim and was told that because it is a "malfunction" of the device, the insurance does not cover it at all (wait, what?).

So in my frustration I took my phone to the Sparks location (Los Altos) in hopes of a miracle (or a cheap replacement phone option). Cesar not only figured out what was causing the problem, but also fixed the device, let me know what to do if it started acting up again, and gave me advice on which photo app to use to back up my pictures to my gmail account. He spent an hour trying various fixes until it worked. Super awesome customer service experience.

In fact, everyone at that location is great. We also ordered a signal booster and had all our questions about it answered a few days earlier. Every single time I've been to that store, I've gotten exactly what I needed with no hassle and excellent service. Thanks, Sparks Verizon staff!~ (and no thanks at all to Asurion).

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