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I find it unfathomable that I can, order a phone on-line, change my service plan online, add lines online, but i must write a letter to the "customer Correspondence Team" and snail mail it to Wallingford, CT, for a serious problem. What makes that more laughable is the fact that during a phone conversation  I  was told  by the Verizon representative, (whose name i will leave out at this time) who i was speaking with, that ;"they take complaints and problems seriously and will follow-up". During the phone conversation she texted me their contact information. What i did not understand until after the phone call that is was a PO box in CT. I assume "seriously" includes a one week delay by USPS in getting mail coast to coast. Do they then respond via handwritten letter via USPS or does it come by carrier pidgeon?  They don't have even an e-mail address?......nor a phone number? Yet isn't that a portion of Verizon's business? both landlines and wireless phones? I can think of only  a few reasons to be able to "only" contact the service team via "snail mail" none of which is a customer-centric approach by the Verizon organization.

After a few countless hours of being at the store to resolve their screw-ups..... ( a Verizon store 1095 Broxton in Westwood  CA.) and after i went there twice they said they needed a general manager to deal with this. I followed up and they called saying they need more time. In the last week of January they said it was in my best interest to wait until the end of this billing cycle. That was told to me mid January 2016.. so i waited ....as you would guess no return phone calls or text messages to follow-up with me. In hindsight ...I made the mistake of using the phones capabilities... when i should have opened a PO box to contact my "complaint resolution team",  as that is Verizon's  preferred method for complaints apparently.

I then took matters one level up and called customer service and they said yes they can see where the store made a "few errors". The few mistakes were they added a line to my bill .. why ....I do not know. Phones were attahed to the wrong lines....????? They were charging me 3x the access charge $30 vs $10 for a device and the data overages for the same device since Oct/November 2015. I did not truly pick up on it until me December Bill so right after the New Year i went to get it fixed.

In all fairness she actually did fix moving the phones around to the right lines and get my current charge from, 30 down to 10. She even called the store, while i was on the line with her ( a brief hold) who told her (now about 45 days after i was there for the second time) they are waiting for the GM to resolve it....... ( at least it was the same story I received  earlier) ....so it was still out of her hands!! So... i can only assume that the GM has not been in the store for 45 days....or... he doesn't care about customer complaints even when validated by their own customer service people!

BTW we are at almost 60 days and no one has contacted me to straighten out what appears to be in dollars owed to me; in the hundreds.... over these last few months. Not to mention the many hours i have wasted dealing with this stupidity and  it has been sizable.

The Verizon CSR did follow-up with me that Friday as she said she would! She still had no answers as the store needed to deal with the credits. 

It i snow the end of February and no one has called me, texted me, snail mailed me nor have i seen any lost pidgeons with letters in their beaks circling my office..

Every company makes mistakes.. The measure of the company is not that they made a mistake.... but how they respond and remedy that mistake.

Yes i ultimately will let the BBB know the FCC know and a few of the area newspapers/TV. i will also send a copy of this and the letter I mailed to the "Customer Correspondence Team". to the GM of the Westwood store. If he should show up finally to the store .....maybe he will read it.


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1. This is a peer to peer forum and not a direct message board to Verizon wireless. Occasionally reps will stop in but it's not guaranteed.

2. Sarcasm, in general gets you nowhere. I hope your dialogue with the store reps wasnt the same way.

3. The correct spelling of the bird is "pigeon".