Corporate employee discounts


I am sending this to inquire about corporate discounts im an empoyee of the United States Postal Service and was wondering why is corporate discounts only available to the Military and first responders on Verizon Unlimited Plan. Although I know its fashionable to jump on that bandwagon the reality there would be no Verizon without the rest of us who should be granted the discount as well. The truth is there is NO corporate discount for the rest of us, why negotiate with our respected jobs to offer its employees a discount if you are not going to honor the negotiated deals? Verizon is neglecting us loyal customers who spend our money and should enjoy the perks of a discount as well. I am not discounting the jobs of the military or first responders,but our jobs are just as impoortanr to us , our families, and your company as well. Lets stop playing off of the patriotism factor and acknowledge all of the other customers who keep VERIZON afloat or at least tell the truth and say your customers will receive no corporate discounts. Im sure I will get the response of we can use the discount on the accessories which is not true either since all of the accessory brands we really want to purchase are not eligible for discount either.