Earlier this week I contacted customer service regarding an issue my and I were both having with our service. When on a phone call, the person on the other end could not hear us but we could hear them fine. The initial csr had me run through a few tests and reset the network connection on their end. They put in a ticket to check the towers in the area. I called back a few days later to get an update, that csr had me try a few other tests and did determine it was not hardware. We then got a message the following day that the tower check was done and to call to find out our next course of action. I called and was told the signal was marginal. The csr I had that day was unwilling to accept it could be anything other than hardware issues. If it were one phone, I would have agreed, but it's 2 lines, same problem. He became a mister know it all stating he's been there 11 years and knows everything. I told that in fact he didn't if he was unwilling to figure out the issue. After hanging up on him, I started my own research and found that since the LG G2 had the Android update earlier this year, many people are having the same issue. This is something the csr should have known. Basically the problem was when it updated, it automatically turned on the OK Google feature to be used from any screen. I turned off that feature and all is well. Again the csr's should know this so that the issue could have been diagnosed day one. Instead we could not use our phones for calling for over a week.I feel I deserve some type of credit or gift card for the lack of training on the part of the csr's.

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