I have looked EVERYWHERE on the site to actually send a customer feedback email or just an email PERIOD to Verizon and I cannot find it. The only thing you can do is chat with a computer...I'm certain its not even a real person...So I"ll leave my feedback here and hopefully someone at Verizon will actually see it.

I don't mind the monthly emails about new things or deals Verizon has... once a month isn't so bad. But this week I have gotten 5 emails from Verizon about Thanksgiving deals and a free 1G of data. That was great the first time I got the email because I signed up for the free data. Since then I have gotten 4 more emails about the same exact thing! PLEASE STOP! It's very very annoying to get the same email over and over again especially if you have already signed up for it. You would think a company this big would have a way to NOT send those emails to anyone who has already utilized this deal. Stop sending me an email every single day about your deals

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