Hello. I was arrested (not as bad as it sounds, but it took a long time to prove my innocence) and so couldn't pay my phone bill for the time I was in jail, which was about 6 months. I had arranged for someone to pay it for me but they couldn't figure out how to do it and just didn't bother. Normally if I was a month late in payment, I'd get texts every five minutes saying I'd lose my phone if I didn't pay up. Somehow, the phone stayed active the entire time I was out, a little over six months. Then I found out that, in essence, my phone was stolen out of evidence. I went to login to the website to try and see how much my bill was, and I can't login. I always logged in with my number, not a username. I also wanted to see if I could get my cloud data, but I guess I have to be a current customer to access all of my contacts and such. I stopped into a branch and they gave me a phone number because my account went into collections, and then after a series of roundabout calls, I found out it's no longer in in-house collections, but the company it's at sounded rather shady. So I'm not sure where/how to pay my bill. Can I make payments on it and buy a new phone, or must I pay all of that off before I can get a new phone? I can't lose my number and hopefully not my contacts either, no other way to get those back. The collections person gave me a number that will take me at least a year to pay off, and it sounded rather high for literally not using my phone for an entire half-year, but they wouldn't explain the charges to me. Is it possible to get a paper bill in the mail so I can look over what the charges were even for? I understand there's a minimum monthly rate with a plan, but I shouldn't be anywhere near the number I was given. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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If you had a single line that was $60 for data and $40 line access fee, you'd be looking at around $660 give or take for 6 months, plus any late fees. Which I believe is $35 for each month. If collections is after $800 - $900 ish then it's probably accurate. It doesn't matter if you didn't use the service, the amount would be the same used or not.