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My phone was, unbeknown to me, cloned. "person" then proceeded to make over $220 worth of calls to Kingston, Jamaica. Verizon, without advising me, suspended my phone number and service. I took it to a Verizon Service Center to find out why my phone didn't work. I was told that my phone was cloned and connected to the fraud and loss prevention dept. "Tanya" told me that I would have to get rid of my phone that had been cloned and purchase a new one totally at my own expense. After 30+ years as a Verizon customer this is how I get treated. I expected better. Goodbye Verizon, hello AT&T.

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Re: Cloning of phones

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Your loyalty means everything to us. 30 years is an extremely long time and we would never want to see you leave us over this matter. We know how frustrating and upsetting it can be to receive a bill for charges that are not recognizable by you but we will do everything we can to look into this matter closer for you. Did you notice anything happening out of the ordinary on your phone around the time the calls were placed? Had there been any new apps or anything downloaded to your phone around that time? What kind of phone do you have?



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Re: Cloning of phones

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Only way your phone to be cloned is they had access to you account. So perhaps you clicked a shady e-mail or went to a shady sight or installed a shady app? or you gave a shady company your info and or SS #.