Charged for multiple lines


This is bogus. I op3n an account at best buy, under their offer of a new s8, I request to keep my old number from the plan I was on with my mother. They tell me I can't change it through them but they'll give me a temporary number. I contact Verizon the same day, and their response is to, "go back to best buy and demand they change it"??? Sounds like passing the buck to me, the parent company can't even fix the problem. Finally after jumping through Verizon's hoops, a young lady finally changes the number for me, and helps me get that ironed out. She was the only helpful one who didn't have her head shoved up her backside. However the other line is left open and should be removed within a few days. Next thing I know I'm getting charged for two lines, so I call Verizon and they tell me that they can only give me a $20 inconvenience credit. So I still end up paying $130! [removed] ?! I'm so irate right now, I'm seriously considering dropping Verizon like the no good sack of potatoes they are. This whole experience has been more stressful and frustrating than it's worth, for a fantastic service that they provide. I hope these comments can be seen by the public so hopefully nobody else let's these thieves take them for a ride. Thanks Verizon.

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