Changing prepaid device, and keeping same number.



I had a question about the "purchasing process" when changing my broken prepaid device, to a new prepaid device.

I would like to keep my same number, but when purchasing the new phone on line, it requires me to select either "I want a new number" or "Transfer number from another carrier". I'm trying to figure out which one I should click!  If I check "I want a new number." will that make it so I can't keep my current number, when I try to activate it?

I haven't purchased the new phone yet, and just wanted to make sure before I went any further. I hope my question was clear enough!

Thank you!

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Re: Changing prepaid device, and keeping same number.

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I kn ow you can change your number in My Verizon with prepaid, but I also believe that once that number is released, it is on hold for a bit before it can be claimed, also I don't think you can pick your number.  However, if you were to pick up another phone, prepaid or not, you could activate another phone on your same number by either visiting a store, activating online, or swapping the SIM.  You can also do so online with chat or call from another phone.