Change phones on my insurance plan?


My current phone is nearing the end of its life and so I have decided to look for a new one. I would very much like to purchase a used phone from ebay. I currently pay for Asurion insurance for my current phone but was wondering if that existing coverage would transfer over to the phone i am hoping to buy once I have added it to my plan?

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Re: Change phones on my insurance plan?

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Asurion told me that I could deactivate one phone and put the insurance on the backup phone I had temporarily until my original phone could be used again.  But, Asurion also says that insurance is not transferable (might mean you cant sell and the buyer keep coverage) and that insurance can be placed on a phone within 30 days of purchase.  It varies from carrier to carrier and such. is the best place to start.


Re: Change phones on my insurance plan?


The thing is that they don't count it as "switching" so to speak. They count it as unenrolling on the old device, and enrolling on the newly activated one. Which normally isn't a problem. The "non-transferrable" part only means that you can't sell the phone to someone else and have *your* coverage apply if *they* break the phone after you sell it, as Snn5 was saying.