Can’t use autopay after Verizon failed to process my payments


I decided to switch back to my checking account payment method, from a credit card, when I discovered this was necessary to get the autopay discount. I switched back to my checking payment method, which has been used for years and hasn’t changed. Verizon “could not receive” my payment. I tried again to make a one time payment after validating the account information. Failed again. Called and spoke with an agent and was able to get the payment through using a debit card, but now my next bill estimate shows two $25 returned payment fees and I am no longer able to manage my autopay. ‘My Verizon’ chat reps refused to help, and only offered me a $25 credit to cover one of the fees. I found this issue occurring recently for other people all over the internet. I want the return payment charges removed and access to my autopay settings, as well as an explanation why Verizon is having issues with checking account payments and placing the blame on their customers. 

Note: I checked with my bank and no payments were declined, no holds were in place, and I had several times the required amount available to cover the bill. I’m considering taking my business elsewhere if they can’t resolve this. 9 year customer using autopay the whole time... Not a single issue until now. And no help from customer service. 


Re: Can’t use autopay after Verizon failed to process my payments

Customer Support

Oh, no. That's rough. We'd like to see what's going on. Let's get to the bottom of this. Please send us a Private Note for assistance.