Caller claims to have possession of another's phone and wants money to return


I have an interesting one...  I have an employee I will call employee 1 who said he received a call from a phone number belonging to another employee, that I will call employee 2.  The caller was not employee 2 but he claimed he found employees 2 phone and wanted $50 in order to return the phone to our company.  Employee 1 thought it sounded suspicious so he called employee 2's number and employee 2 answered and he has posession of his phone and is away on vacation.  


What do we need to do in case there was a breach?  I can't believe there is not a way for Verizon to block thes types of spoof calls.


Re: Caller claims to have possession of another's phone and wants money to return

Customer Support

Protecting your account is one of our top priorities, so thank you for bringing this to our attention. What you are experiencing are spoofing calls. Regrettably, spoofing has become much more common across all carriers. These calls are coming from hackers who hijack a personal or business line's phone number. There is a third party switch that every telecommunications company utilizes, and the numbers are processed through the switch for the number to come through and be reflected on your phone. What the hackers do is manipulate the switch, so they can take people's numbers and use them as their own.


One method will be reporting these calls to the FCC. The FCC offers a number of great tips at to help safeguard yourself from scams as well as an option to report the calls in the “How do I report suspected spoofing?” section. Additionally, we have a service called Call Filter. This feature is free for the basic version and $2.99 a month for the premium, and it will put an automatic spam block and detection on your device. Here is a link to read more about it: