Beyond Unlimited Calls to Mexico


I have recently taken over my elderly mother's cell phone account.   We are currently on the Beyond Unlimited plan which include Mexico/Canada "limited" service. 

My mother has friends and family in Mexico she keeps in contact with.  She doesn't seem to make alot of calls to Mexico.  I noticed about 4 calls to Mexico in my last statement (about 40 calls within the U.S.).... My questions is...  How do I track the 50% usage in 60 days???  I cannot find a place on MyVerizon that shows me how close she is getting to the usage rule for Mexico calls. 

FYI.... I received a text from Verizon saying "You're paying per minute rates on international calls...etc".  Is this just telling me about the Unlimited Together plan... and has nothing to do with the Canada/Mexico formula??? O

If anyone knows how to easily track Mexico/Canada calls using their formula... please let me know.




Re: Beyond Unlimited Calls to Mexico

Sr. Leader

The 50% usage in 60 days refers to you travelling to Mexico and originating the calls on your phone in Mexico. This does not refer to calls originating in the US.