Being forced to pay part of my next's months bill before it is due.


My service has recently been shut off even though my current bill was not even due yet. I called verizon customer service and was told I was shut off because there are one-time content charges on my account (these charges are on my next bill and should not be due until September) that they are forcing me to pay EARLY. They say that any time a charge is over $50 they can demand that I pay them early. No where in any of verizons documentation or any paper work I signed do I see mention of this policy and I am very upset about this. These charges are on my next months bill and I do not believe I owe them until my next months bill is due.

Financial Services told me there is nothing I can do and they cannot turn my service on until I made a promise to pay these charges so I did, but I find this wrong and immoral. I have talked to some friends and they believe I should make a complaint to the FCC because of these immoral business practices. I am here to seek help from someone at verizon to clear this up before I go to the FCC.

Please do not direct me to call customer service or financial services. For one, they have already been no help to me, and I am also sick and have lost my voice so I CANNOT talk over the phone, only through text.

Please help put me in contact with a manager at verizon through text so I can get this resolved ASAP.

Thank you.


Re: Being forced to pay part of my next's months bill before it is due.


I had the same problem when I first opened my Verizon Account. Years ago I did not have great credit and to open my first cell phone account. I had to give a security deposit to Verizon. I added something (I think it was data backup) to my acount which caused my monthly bill to increase slightly. This put me over my credit limit (the amount of my security deposit by a few dollars). My phone service was turned off until I payed extra. I paid on time and was not behind. I was upset and talked to Verizon Customer Service and they recommended to increase my security deposit. I chose to get rid of the added on service which put me below my security deposit amount. After 1 year of paying Verizon ontime I got my security deposit back and no restriction on spending a few dollars extra on my bill. I was extremely upset about this. This may be the cause of your problem. If your bill exceeds your security deposit it may cause your service to to turned off even though you are not behind on your bill.


Re: Being forced to pay part of my next's months bill before it is due.

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From Verizon Wireless agreement

What are Verizon’s rights to limit or end Service or end this Agreement?

(g) incur charges larger than a required deposit or billing limit, or materially in excess of your monthly access charges (even if we haven't yet billed the charges)

Basically your pending charges exceeded your billing limit.  They imposed their right to limit service.