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Anyone else lied to about Samsung BOGO offer?


Has anyone else been lied to about the Galaxy Note and S9+ offer? I initially went into one of the stores and was told that I would have to add a new line in order to use this deal. I told them forget it and left and called Verizon directly. The girl on the phone said that it is not company policy to request new lines and that the guy in the store was probably trying to get a commission on a new line. She specifically told me that no new line was required and mentioned that my first 2 bills will be a little higher and then the promotion would be applied. She even told me what my new bill would be after the BOGO offer took affect. Soooo....I ordered a Note 9 and a S9+. This was over a month ago. I love the phones but now I find out today that I was lied to. I had called in the check on when the BOGO offer will kick in and they said there is no BOGO offer on my account. I had even called late last month and they said they saw the offer. Now it has mysteriously disappeared and no one can seem to find anything about it on my account. I am so furious I could spit fire!!!! This is no way to treat a customer of god knows how many years. Now I'm stuck with a higher bill than initially promised. Not only do they mess me up on my Fios bill, they've managed to do it on my wireless bill. Does Verizon just not make enough money or something?

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Re: Anyone else lied to about Samsung BOGO offer?

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When Verizon Wireless ...or any mobile service provider...runs a BOGO promotion, it will include the stipulation that a new mobile line needs to be activated. VZW won't just up and give away mobile phones. Always good to read all of the "fine print" before jumping at any offers made by any mobile service provider.


Re: Anyone else lied to about Samsung BOGO offer?

Verizon Employee

We are so sorry to hear about this issue with the BOGO offer.  It’s always our goal to get you the best deals on any purchases.  Let’s go over this together.  A private message has been sent to you so we can assist you further.


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