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My billing date starts before my phone was activated. The phone was DELIVERED 09.03 19, at 12:22 PM PST.  Because I was out of town, I didn't activate my phone until 09.11.19. I keep telling everyone and anyone at Verizon this. I also ported my number on the same day.

Shouldn't my account be billed each month based upon the date phone was activated?  Shouldn't my month be xx/11/xxxx to xx/11/xxxx? NOT 09/02/19?

I am being billed from August 30th to September 2and. My phone wasn't DELIVERED until September 3rd. Why am I  being charged for a phone I haven't received or activated?

August 30 phone shipped

September 03 recieved email 05:45 thanking me for activation of my phone

September 03 phone delivered 12:22 PM

September 11 phone number ported to Verizon and phone activated

September 11 recieved bill for $195 and change due September 24.

My bill was from Aug 02 to September  02.  That has change to August 30 to September 02 .

I've talked and texted until I'm blue in the face and no one seems to get it or care.

What are my options? September 24th is just around the corner.


Re: Activation of phone date

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello 2bblue,


Welcome to Verizon Wireless, we're so glad you chose us. I'm so sorry to learn of any questions you have about billing. Please allow me to explain that in order to assist you with the details, we would need to access your account information. To do so, I am also sending you a Private Note, so we can begin.