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Account Breach - MyVerizon App - 4/27/15


My cell phone used to have the phone number listed in these screen shots, however it was changed over six months ago.

I suddenly started seeing strange billing amounts and payment amounts that didn't match what I owed and paid.  This morning, I finally scrolled down in the app and found out why.

MyVerizon has been showing the account information of the new owner of my phone number.  I took several screen shots, and as you can see I now have access to someone's Verizon account.

I've been texting the owner of the phone to let them know their account information was breached.  They are none too happy about this, given the reason they have the new number was to protect against a stalker that was arrested by the local police department.  Apparently, he stole her phone and downloaded her texts, emails and photos.

Verizon Wireless:  Should everyone assume that the previous owner of a Verizon phone number is an authorized account user?

Screenshots with personal information removed as required by the

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