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Thanks for wasting my time ALL MONTH!

I decided to activate the 3g capability on my Xoom, which I purchased last month.  In order to keep track of my data usage, after activating my account, I went to Verizon and tried to register for an account tied to my service.


Verizon tried to send me a text message... thanks for sending me something I can't recieve on my device...


Like many others on here, I called, spent nearly two hours on the phone, and finally got someone to snail mail me a temporary password.  30 DAYS LATER the password arrived in the mail.


I took it to and attempted to complete my registration.  No such luck.  Verizon had deactivated my registration.  So basically, they made me wait 30 days for a password that was expired by the time I got it!!


I called in, wasted 2 more hours on the phone, only to have a tech (after extensive hold time so he could research the issue) tell me that I had to register, and then wait for a password via snail mail.  NO REALLY?    Wasn't that what I just did!!


Honestly, how is it that Verizon does not have a real solution for a basic process?  I can register again... spend two more hours on the phone convincing someone to snail mail me the password... wait another 30 days... then find that it is expired... 




I can flash my Xoom for Sprint, spend five minutes setting up an online account, take advantage of their cheaper data plans, and be done with it.


gee... I think I will follow the easier route... Sprint, here I come.

Re: Thanks for wasting my time ALL MONTH!
Verizon Employee

We definitely do not want to lose your business. I am so sorry for your inconvenience with registering your account online. I am certain I can assist you with a resolution. Please PM me with your name, your mobile number, and a good contact number for you. I will be able to reach out to you personally and resolve this for you. 


Thank you and have a great day!

Re: Thanks for wasting my time ALL MONTH!

Lol threatening to leave, how original and effective.  Just go into a store and have the rep do it there on the pc, in front of you.  problem solved.  Dont say they cant, they can, make sure its not a third party store.

Re: Thanks for wasting my time ALL MONTH!
Super User
Super User

Ummm, the OP threatened to leave in 2011! Odds are they have already come to a decision by now.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Thanks for wasting my time ALL MONTH!

Due to the age of this discussion thread, it will now be locked.

Thank you,

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