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LG Revolution has a serious boot problem. Swallowing my pride and going with the iPhone!

Finally after almost two years of being a slave to the Blackberry Storm 2, I got my new LG Revolution.  I was so happy to have blazing speed, amazing applications, and all that other jazz. 


A week, and two phones later, I'm bringing it back tomorrow and getting an iPhone.  When turning the phone on one time, the LG logo and the Verizon logo came up, but the main screen wouldn't come up.  Instead, the screen stayed black and the soft keys would stay lit. 


The first time I tried everything to get the phone to boot.  Then I brought it back to Verizon.  The guy who helped me was great.  Verizon backed the product as well, and replaced it without even giving me a single song or dance.  That was refreshing!!  I can't ever remember having a problem with Verizon with any phone I have ever had!


Moving forward...

This new phone did the same thing the first phone did but two days sooner.  It seems that when the battery is really low and you plug the charger in, the phone freezes and goes black.  nothing would work.


So I did some research and tried to factory reset the phone.  That worked, but I had to reconfigure the whole phone again!!!!  I am sorry, but I can't do that every couple of days.  It took a couple of days to get the phone working to my liking anyway!


If anyone reads this post from Verizon Wireless before I go to the store in Greenville, RI around 10am, please note the system that I will be coming in to make the exchange.  I have the combo-kit charger and hardcase with belt slip as well.  I would like an iPhone with the matching hardcase and charger please.


I have never heard about people complaining about the iPhone.  I am almost sorry that I had too much pride to go with it in the first place.

Re: LG Revolution has a serious boot problem. Swallowing my pride and going with the iPhone!

I too have been a big LG fan (They make good phones with great reception). However my LG enV2 started dropping calls, rebooting randomly and other anamolies.  I decided it was time to replace it for an iPhone (I have tutored many AT&T clients on its use, and and really liked the concept, but I would not switch back to AT&T because of the poor reception and dropped calls). I ordered my iPhone in May and I couldn't be happier (except having to pay the DATA Charges).


We don't have much 3G in my area, but the phone grabs it when its available. I installed a Wireless Access Point in the house (Imy network is 'HARDWIRED'), and so I don't have many issues except when AT&T DSL goes down which has been quite frequent, fortunately I sitch to 3G and TWEET about the poor AT&T service, which has connected me to Level-2 AT&T tech support.


The phone reception is better than any LG phone I have used, and I have not dropped a call in my fringe area.  The battery doesn't last long with bluetooth and other services enabled, but it has been an invaluable tool in my business.  It is a very reliable phone!


You will be happy with the quality.